Residential Mortgages

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Whether you are a first time, second time (or many time) home buyer, we guarantee the best mortgage rates, and the easiest process, for your purchase. More than that, we help you use your mortgage to build your financial prospects through our holistic range of financial services, from personal banking to private investments. And if you have struggled to get a mortgage, due to bruised credit or other life situations, we would love to help you rebuild your financial picture.

Whether you are in great financial shape and setting up to grow, or looking at a better picture tomorrow, we are here to pave the easiest path to prosperity possible.

ThinkstockPhotos-481100364How We Save You Money & Time

While every mortgage situation is different, we aim to simplify the process by doing as much of the work for you that we can. This is at NO cost to you.

As licensed mortgage brokers, we are paid by the banking institution that offers you a mortgage. This is while still getting you a better rate than you can get for yourself. We call this a win-win-win situation that is not at all too good to be true. It is how mortgage brokerage works. And we happen to have some relationships second-to-none to get you those rates that cannot be beat.

For a first time home buyer, or a typical mortgage, this is what the process would look like:

Our Typical Mortgage Process

  1. Complete our online registration
  2. Our mortgage agent will call you to discuss your financial picture and goals.
  3. Our mortgage agent reviews options and negotiates best rates on your behalf from our banking partners, including our own bank.
  4. We discuss this Mortgage Commitment by phone or in person.
  5. Within the time frame stated in the Mortgage Commitment, and the amount you are pre-approved for, you will find your home!
  6. With your realtor’s help, you will submit an offer to purchase.
  7. The offer to purchase is sent to us, along with a copy of a feature sheet from the home purchased.
  8. First time home buyers: We submit your offer to CMHC for approval.
  9. Bank provides approval to us.
  10. The home owner or bank may have outstanding conditions. We go over the documents or items left for you to provide to us. (Income, down payment etc.)
  11. Conditions are waived! Congratulations.
  12. Final Documents: Sent by the bank to your lawyer for signing. You now own your new home at the lowest mortgage rate available, with the greatest ease possible.